Individually, only Indian Citizens and Non-Resident Indians can donate to Swaraj Abhiyan.
Corporations that are registered in India can donate to Swaraj Abhiyan.

Donations can be made only in Indian Rupee.

For Indian Citizens and Corporations, donations should normally be made from their Indian Rupee bank accounts in India.
For Non-Resident Indians, donations should normally be made from their Indian Rupee NRO bank accounts.

Donations to Swaraj Abhiyan are not exempt from Income Tax.

*Do Donations to Swaraj Abhiyan Qualify as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Expenditure and are Therefore Deductible Expenses?
No, donations to to Swaraj Abhiyan do not qualify as CSR expenditure.

Donations can be made through Swaraj Abhiyan’s online donations portal or through direct deposit to Swaraj Abhiyan’s bank account.

Bank: State Bank of India
Address: I.P.Extension, Patparganj, Delhi, 110092
Account Holder: Swaraj Abhiyan
Account No: 38015927175
IFS Code: SBIN0011561

No. It is not legal for Swaraj Abhiyan to have overseas bank account.

Yes. This is in the nature of gift. However, tracking and managing the beneficiaries, the donation, the utilisation etc. is very difficult. It is not possible for Swaraj Abhiyan to manage this. It is best such donations be made through established NGOs with FCRA Certificate. Swaraj Abhiyan is presently not providing cash support to people in distress – our activity is restricted to food support – cooked or dry ration.