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I join him by paying ₹1 (or more) for speaking the Truth, as my contribution to the Truth Fund.

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What is The Truth Fund?

There are thousands of Prashant Bhushan’s in our country. She is an RTI activist struggling against mining mafia, but has no legal protection. He is a journalist in a small town seeking to expose corruption, but we don’t hear about him. They are lawyers committed to the defence of the poor but don’t have financial support. Or prisoners of conscience languishing in jail without any remedy.

The Truth Fund is us, joining them. The Truth Fund will be used to extend legal support and amplify the voice of these Soldiers of Truth. A group of reputed citizens will lay down guidelines for the use of The Truth Fund.

 Any Indian citizen can join The Truth Fund by contributing ₹1. You can of course contribute more, personally. Or, you may collect ₹1 on behalf of several persons and send it with their names and contact details.

Truth speaks. Through you. Through us.

Started since 5th September, 2020





Funded by 1803 Supporters of Truth

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