‘Talash Bharat Ki’ initiative by Youth4Swaraj gets an overwhelming response.

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Press Note: 1st May 2018

‘Talash Bharat Ki’ initiative by Youth4Swaraj gets an overwhelming response.

A chance for Young ‘India’ to know the real ‘Bharat’.
Students from 15 states and 139 districts applied for this program
This program has been successfully launched after initiatives like Drought Duty since three years.
‘Talash Bharat Ki’, an internship programme launched by Youth4Swaraj along with Jai Kisan Andolan on 21st April has received an overwhelming response from the youth of the country. Within the notice of a few days, youth from more than 15 states and 139 DIstricts ranging from Kerala to Jammu & Kashmir and from Gujarat to Assam, have applied for the program.

This initiative by Y4S is about visiting and through that developing an understanding of those parts of our country, which remain neglected in our popular metropolitan culture but continue to form the major part of what we call as India. Despite the fact that youth in their student lives still get to read that the real India live in villages and agriculture forms the bedrock of our country; the truth remains that they remain so engrossed in their daily lives that they hardly bother to care about these fellow Indians and this loss of sensitivity and growing gap between these two parts of ‘Bharat’ is resulting in many dire consequences in all dimensions. While the Politics is the tool to address this concern, but the way our political culture and class has come to behave in case of tackling these real issues, it has become imperative to deal with these for those who claim to make efforts in pursuit of changing the fundamentals in which politics is practiced.

So, to say in a line,the need for तलाश भारत की has emerged out of growing disconnection and lack of mutual understanding and concern between rural and urban parts of our country; the absence of which is responsible for increasing ‘uncertainties’ in growing minds about our roots, identity, nationhood and the direction which our country should undertake in future and is a part of the larger context of ‘alternative politics’. Thus, under this internship programme, applicants will be visiting and staying in rural parts for a week and will try to build an understanding of the ongoing agrarian crisis in particular and the rural lifestyle in general and will assess the truth of government policies.

This overwhelming response of more than 700 applicants in such a short period after notifying the internship by Y4S, which is in continuation for the third year in a row, is a clear proof of what are the real issues ailing the country and that youth today is ready to take up these challenges. Youth4Swaraj, in accordance with the ideology of its parent organization Swaraj Abhiyan, has been continuously pursuing such issues from its very inception and will continue to strive to ensure that youth’s voice is heard and they can be shown their energy can be converged in the right direction in the benefit of society and nation.

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