Vision (English)

What is Swaraj Abhiyan?


“Swaraj Abhiyan” is an honest and persistent effort to translate the spirit of goodness and righteousness to reality. This is a movement to substantiate the dream of a beautiful and bountiful nation and the globe. This is a process of transforming self and society. This is a caravan of “Swaraj” which believes politics to be a “Yugadharma” of our time.


Our Dreams:

The destination of our caravan is “Swaraj”. Pre-independence “Swaraj” meant to be freedom from the oppression of “British Raj”. Today, it means to be free ourselves from all forms of subjugation and enslavement. “Swaraj” today means to set us free from the wickedness of corruption, to set us free from the chain of fear and hunger, to set us free from the frustrations and ailments of injustice and exploitation and to set us free from the enslavement of our own mind and heart. We dream of such a country and the planet where every single human being can exhale and elevate oneself according to the call of their heart, express the same; where every single human being can search happiness and spread the bunch of it at their will.

We want

Ø  a political system where each and every state, district, block, village and panchayat of the country remains autonomous according to their capabilities and jurisdiction with accountability and excellence at every level, in turn rule of people over the system.

Ø  an economic system where every hand will have work, every profession will have honor and the work pays off enough so that the person would live happily with the hard working earning. Benefits in business happen to be such that  the greed of one does not snatch away the bouteille of happiness of others, our development should not be damaging the environment and depleting the legitimate dividend of our next generation.

Ø  a social system where state, communities and human beings do not live in conflicts and tension among themselves. There will be no discrimination, hatred and subjugation in the name of caste, creed, race and religion.  Someone’s birth will not limit his aspirations.

Ø  an education system that will enlighten and sensitize everyone equally, that will connect human beings to each other, that will connect to the cultural legacy of the country and that of civilizations across the globe. We aspire for an education system that will empower minds to ask questions and search for innovative answers.

Ø  a universal system where there is harmony among the nation and the world, between men and women, among communities, among people of various religious faiths, sects and culture, above all a balance between men and nature.


Our Inspiration:

We are from the land of freedom struggle where we believe in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” where the world is considered a family. We are born out of the seed of anti-corruption movement across India. We are poured in by the struggles and people’s movement of “Jal-Jangal aur Jameen” of post independent India. The philosophy and preamble of Indian constitution is our source of enlightenment. However, we are not restricted by our legacy of any particular culture, ism, holy book or any great soul of the past. While learning from our own legacy, we will move ahead learning with the new experiences of contemporary time and space in quest for answers and new ideas.


Our Path:

To magnify the impact of this dream it is important to take the caravan of “Swaraj” to the path of politics. For us, politics is not a career or profession but the “Yugadharma” of our time. Politics not merely limited to fighting elections and forming governments to us. In our alternative narrative of politics, people’s movement and fight for justice will be inherent, productive creativity will be in place, there will be space for principles and ideologies to evolve. Moreover, in addition to fight for bringing change in society there will be continuous struggle for self-renewal and character building. Elections and change of governments must be in conjugation with these arms of principles and that is where the success of an electorate depends, otherwise politics becomes victim of greed for power. That’s why, it is our first priority to search grounds for alternative politics & build space for that narrative in Indian polity.


Our Code of Conduct:

To prevent us from derailment from the path so that our steps proceed towards achieving the goals we will ensure that our deeds and words are on the same page. That’s why “Swaraj Abhiyan” will make sure of the following:

Ø  Decisions will be taken in democratic fashion, every colleague and volunteer’s voice will be heard, differences will be respected, leader worshiping will be prevented and emphasis will be given to collective leadership

Ø  To ensure civility and righteousness a code of conduct will be formulated and to implement this on the leaders and members of the ‘Abhiyana” an independent, responsible and reliable “Lokpal” will be appointed.

Ø  Federal character of the organization will be respected, preferably decisions will be taken from the grounds and in a centralized fashion, right to information will be ensured, financial transactions will be made public, audacious speeches will not made, everything will be made black and white to public.

Ø  It will respect the diversity and honestly try to include the marginalized sections of society (woman, dalits, tribals and minorities) and provide proper representation in the leadership of ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’.

Ø  ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’ will cooperate and build honest relationship with other likeminded movements


Our steps:

To march to the goals ahead, a few steps forward:

Ø  A nation-wide movement will be built up for the plight of farms and farmers, to prevent the loot of ‘Jal’, ‘Jangal’ and ‘Jameen’, where tribals, non-tribal land lords, landless tenant farmers, sharecroppers, unorganized agricultural labors, fishermen, milk producers can be included.

Ø  To further strengthen the anti-corruption movement, there will be movement against corruptions associated with establishments, mismanagement of funds by big companies and black money. Grounds will be made for electoral and political reforms

Ø  Mass awareness, public hearing and people’s movement will be made primordial for fundamental needs like education, health, environment and employment

Ø  Freedom of conscience and fight against communal violence and hatred will be strengthened. Communial harmony forums (Sadvawana Manch) will be made at every level so that one can learn about the religions, cultures and language of difference while that would help increase respect for the humane values of them.

Ø  Start movements against anti-woman activities and racial discriminations and create awareness about social justice in society.

Ø  ‘Swaraj Kendras’ will be established at local level so that village and mahallas can be made empowered for implementing and planning projects and citizens can resolve conflicts of their own.

Ø  On the larger issues associated with the nation, all classes of the country will be taken into consultation to make a renewed work plan so that the idealism in politics remains and the government does not go aimless

Ø  ‘Swaraj Samwad’ will be organized at every corner of the country so that the positive energy associated with the anti-corruption movement may come together and the ray of hope continues to light.

Ø  ‘Swaraj Yatras’ will be organized so that new ideas and energy can be assimilated to the idea of alternative politics


After working with these bay steps ahead, we will have collective observation on what next step would be and when and how we should participate in the politics of change in power and governments


And our Purpose:

In this sensitive turnaround of history, India’s future asks future of India; Will it allow the unprecedented energy that appeared after decades in post independent India go astray? Will it allow the breach of trust that was associated with politics for the first time? Will it allow to bury the dream of ‘Swaraj’?


Swaraj Abhiyan is firmly determined not to fail this dream. Torch bearing the ideals emerging from ‘Jantar Mantar’ will not be allowed to be doused off. The roads ahead may be difficult, some ‘Yatree’ of our caravan might got tired and remained behind but this march will stop not until the goals are reached. We strongly believe that there is immense possibility within India and Indians. We do believe that the world is not without alternative.


With this conviction and determination, we are on a difficult but beautiful journey ahead. We, meaning all of us, which means you too!