Vision For India

Vision For India


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On Behalf of Swaraj Abhiyan (SA), we hereby present a draft version of the Vision Swaraj: an Agenda for India to generate a democratic dialogue to shape an inclusive politics and vision agenda for India.

Politics of the country—with its deeper contestations—is growingly degenerating. People deserve better politics and governance to lead better lives. Indian political parties operate in a vacuum—none of them have a programme-oriented vision or programmatic ideologies. They are driven by election-oriented politics in India.

SA believes an inclusive and democratic participation in shaping the Vision for India Agenda, and we invite and encourage all your ideas, opinion, comments and feedback to strengthen further the policy position of each area of the Vision for India Agenda.

We urge you to take initiative to organize public debates, consultation and seminars in your respective areas on issues of concerns and contribute to the process of shaping the Vision document.

We also do invite and appreciate to have various translations in Indian languages of the Vision document to enable the participation of the people across the nation.

In solidarity,

Policy Team,

Swaraj Abhiyan

PS: We do invite your response/suggestions/insights in writing to us:


David Barun Kumar:  [email protected]

Prof. Rakesh Sinha: [email protected]


Read Agenda For India on Below Links:

English Version

Hindi Version

Tamil Version (Coming Soon)